Iyeoka / Paula Fuga / Tempo Valley – Live at KTUH

Music from the soul…

Heart to heart…


Beloved – NIYAZ „Parishaan“


This song is based on traditional poetry by beloved 11th century Persian poet Baba Taher.

Song Lyrics & translation:

Mara na sar na saaman aafaridand
Parishaanom parishaan aafaridand
Parishaan khaateran raftaando dar khaak
Mara az khaak-e eeshaan aafaridand
Aazizom key miyayi key miyayi
Nadarom taaghat-e yek dam jodaayi
Khoshaa aanan ke sodaay-e to daaran
Ke sar peyvast-e dar paay-e to daaran
Be del daaram tamanaay-e kesaani
Ke an dar del tamanaay-e to daaran
Agar zareen kolaahi aaghebat heech
Be takht-e paadeshahi aaghebat heech
Garat molk-e soleymaan dar negin ast
Dar aakhar khaak-e raahi aaghebat heech

I came into this world with no possessions
Awarded only a yearning heart
All those who came before me have returned to the dust
And it is from this dust which I have been created
O beloved, when will you arrive
I cannot bear one moment of this separation
Lucky are those who are on your path
Lucky are those who place their head at your feet
I am even willing to surrender my heart
To those whose hearts hold your love
Even if you have a crown and sit at a throne
In the end you will have nothing
Even if you are destined for great riches
In the end you will return to the dust

Chinese man – groovy session

Не съм писал за музика от много време и нещо, което ми хареса през последните две/три години е Chinese man. Вече превърнат и в label – музиката е рошава, весела, странна и т.н.  Chinese man e момент на затишие, но само в началото. Какво представлява е друг въпрос и всеки го открива сам за себе си! И едно допълнение: всяка песен има свой вкус и основата е трип хоп т.е мешана скара. И все пак от страната на сиренето и любовта изскачат какви ли не неща, с което и ви поздравявам и изпращам въздушни целувки :).






Това е от мен – приятно слушане.

Jamendo player at WordPress.com

When you love the music you can use a place like Jamendo to find one of the best authors using Creative Commons license which share for free their music. I like it and I use it from at lest 6-7 years but because Jamendo player is based on flash there was a no way to add it to your personal blog in WordPress.com. Anyway the guys of WordPress give us a chance with gigya. I’ll give you an example how to do it and I’ll show you two very good musicians.

So the example is for the album of Antony RaijekovTitles and  Stefano mociniA cat playing.

Click to zoom

What else – the code that you put in your blog:

Movits ! , Jaga Jazzist

MOVITS! – Fel Del Av Gården


MOVITS! – Äppelknyckarjazz


MOVITS! Swing För Hyresgästföreningen

Svenska rulez :)


Jaga Jazzist – Animal Chin


Jaga Jazzist – 220 V / Spektral Live At Bylarm

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