Beloved – NIYAZ „Parishaan“


This song is based on traditional poetry by beloved 11th century Persian poet Baba Taher.

Song Lyrics & translation:

Mara na sar na saaman aafaridand
Parishaanom parishaan aafaridand
Parishaan khaateran raftaando dar khaak
Mara az khaak-e eeshaan aafaridand
Aazizom key miyayi key miyayi
Nadarom taaghat-e yek dam jodaayi
Khoshaa aanan ke sodaay-e to daaran
Ke sar peyvast-e dar paay-e to daaran
Be del daaram tamanaay-e kesaani
Ke an dar del tamanaay-e to daaran
Agar zareen kolaahi aaghebat heech
Be takht-e paadeshahi aaghebat heech
Garat molk-e soleymaan dar negin ast
Dar aakhar khaak-e raahi aaghebat heech

I came into this world with no possessions
Awarded only a yearning heart
All those who came before me have returned to the dust
And it is from this dust which I have been created
O beloved, when will you arrive
I cannot bear one moment of this separation
Lucky are those who are on your path
Lucky are those who place their head at your feet
I am even willing to surrender my heart
To those whose hearts hold your love
Even if you have a crown and sit at a throne
In the end you will have nothing
Even if you are destined for great riches
In the end you will return to the dust


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